Avez-vous déja écouté un poisson chanter?

Here are photos… and thoughts.



April 10th:

LAUNDRY. I’m usually pretty good about it. For the past 2 months or so…. shitty. I do it, but that doesn’t mean that I put it away. It generally gets put in a basket and I sift through it for the next week and a half until I can’t tell the difference between the dirty and the clean clothes anymore. Does this happen to anyone else? Or have I really got you all pegged as nice neat folding people…

April 11th:

We went to see Martin Sexton… Check him out if you don’t know him. I mean REALLY. He’s fabulous, and I had such a blast. That was my third time seeing him i think, and I will go next time he comes to town. Yay.

April 12th:

Lately Jeff has been soooo sweet. I felt really productive yesterday, so I cleaned like crazy and made dinner and dessert and took a long walk with Rose. Oh ya, but when I brought it out there were candles lit and silverware already set on the table. He’s surprisingly snuggly considering how skinny he is 🙂

April 13th:

Today I’ve been so peaceful. I was gonna go to a party tonight, but I’ve decided against it. I think it will disrupt this calm spirit I’ve got. Besides, all that I’ll be missing is smokey clothes and hair and a hangover. Oh, and small-talk. Plus, ever since I quit it’s really overwhelming to be in a place that’s full of smoke. I guess that’s a good thing that I feel that way, but it sometimes makes me feel like I’m lame for not wanting to go out… Nah, it’s not that bad when I’m in the mood- but I think I’d rather get everything set school-wise before the baby comes. I don’t want to forget a test or anything.
Anyway, the sun has been so pretty, it’s made everything glisten. I always like it when the sun comes streaming in your window and you can see all the sparkles in the air. Granted, it’s all dust and gunk and whatnot, but that doesn’t bother me. This is my best attempt at catching the sparkles.

So, I use this site called babelfish to translate foreign text. It does a really bad job for the most part, but I keep going back to it and translating all sorts of ridiculous things and seeing what my random thoughts look like in German or whatever. I mention it because I’ve been getting really interested in this french folk/rock music (thanks to myspace), and when I went to translate some of it, it went like this:

“You have déja listened to a fish to sing? Know you to it taste of the gunpowder? Did you know that the indigo Was the color of the songlots one told You the history of these peaceful camels of the place of the Carmen which sell soft caramels?”

Well, you have?


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