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Apparently, today is self-injury awareness day…

and I think that’s pretty interesting.
Anyhow, I never really had a problem with that, but I had a couple of goes with it. I knew a bunch of people who did have a problem though. I suppose my only qualm with it is that I know that this kind of thing is becoming trendy. Sad and pathetic if you ask me.
So I guess I just have an issue with the people who are hurting themselves to get attention, or because their friends are doing it, or because they don’t have enough drama in their lives.
I’m of the “fix the problem from the outside-in” variety. And I guess in that sense I get it. However, it’s the absolute wrong way to go about it.
I am angry about all of the fakers that make it difficult for me to see this as a day that is deserving of my attention. I think that it is very sad that I feel a right to say that. Well.
For all of those who legitimately suffer from this, I wish you well. For those that need help, I hope you get it. For all those who think it’s cool to cut yourself and others and to consciously worry those around you that love you- grow the fuck up.


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1 thought on “Apparently, today is self-injury awareness day…

  1. careful who you call a faker…

    …while they may chalk it up to a gothic obsession with blood or some other equally pretentious excuse, I’m of the mind that anyone who self-mutilates is doing it for some real reason–something is wrong, they are expressing something.

    We may be irritated by their lack of subtlety–but would we feel better about it if they covered it up? Not likely.

    We may have varying degrees of empathy for the reasons people do it, but there is always a reason–even if they don’t know how to verbalize it.

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