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All is well so far…

So last night was like the 6th night away from Jeff ever. A little hard to get to sleep, but I slept. I am officially living back at the rent’s now. It’s really nice so far. I decorated my room(totally necessary if I am to retain mental health) with all my fun apt. stuff that I would miss. It’s gonna be great.
I am sure that there will be issues, but overall I ain’t worried. That’s a great feeling considering that I have always had reason to worry. At least in my teen years. It’s a common theme. You don’t get along with your folks until your 20s and sometimes later, but then you’re surprisingly like them. You at least appreciate their contribution to who YOU are. I’m glad I hurried up and got the shit over with quick. I watch some of my friends, and they didn’t get in as much trouble as I did, but they still have these “issues”. It’s almost as if there’s a checklist of crap you’ve got to go through before you can be out of the battle between child and parent. Anacat- you know what I’m talking about! isn’t it crazy having it all over with (mostly)?
Jeff and I are thinking about a more non-traditional way to do the last name thing. My issue is I want to have the same last name as my family. I don’t care what it is. But to be interesting (and “fair”) we are thinking about coming up with a new name. We thought about mixing Yoder and Balmer, but everything that produces is lame. So we’re thinking. We are open to suggestions! I have an Idea! i will post name ideas and you guys can rate them. OK!
here’s a few Gaelic ideas:
Cerwyn-“fair love”
Cerian-“loved one”
Heddwyn-“peace, shining”
Hoyt-“spirit or mind”


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2 thoughts on “All is well so far…

  1. last names

    i like cerwyn or heddwyn, those are names i would love to have myself! but as for me, i’ll go the traditional route. plus i like steve’s last name so what gives:)

  2. I am digging ‘coel’ and ‘hoyt’ because relationships are built on trust and trust is something you have faith in like with your spirit and mind….not sure where I am going with that. But I like those two.

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