A scatterbrained glimpse into our October…

Yet another reason not to use toilet paper… two minutes within arm's reach of my little guy and this is what happens. We are still going strong with the cloth wipes, although I need to make more (hence the supplementary TP). Most people that come over and use them for any period of time know that it's really superior. Cheap, soft, absorbent, cleaner, and easy to wash. I really wonder why more people don't do it. I only have one friend who does it too, and they feel the same way.

Little stinker.

She had such an attitude for this. We were teasing her and called her a "grumpkin on a pumpkin". She was not amused.

Here I was attempting to cheer her up. Not happening.

It's about time I introduce you all Brett, Bree, and Lilly. They have quickly become some of our closest friends. It's been really nice, lately, to witness the forming of new relationships and the reinforcement of old ones- all in this new adult context. Like, I feel like I have solid friendships based in mutual respect and shared values. These are the friends my kids will remember. It's good. Anyway, I feel the need to introduce you all to this clan because, well, we spend kind of a hilarious amount of time with them and it's just become relevant. We buy dry goods in bulk together. We share equipment and labor and meals and time and values and goals. They use cloth wipes, like we do. They have a big ol' garden and a bunch of chickens. Those are just details, really, but it helps us to feel at home with them. Bree and I are always hatching new plans and talking excitedly over this and that- she's the friend I have that really keeps up with and shares in my shenanigans. We're (unofficial) business partners, and it feels nice to have someone so compatible by my side to share in the load. Jeff and Brett are a pair, too, in so many ways. And then there's Lilly and Vera- just 10 months apart. They get along just great. Lately, they've all been feeling like family.

Brett. Completely hilarious and good-natured. An amazing cook. A good dad. We admire his beard. Can carry two pumpkins at once… you get my drift. He's a good guy to know.

Bree. She's sweet and passionate and smart. She's principled and ambitious and… completely lovely. She also really appreciates my thoughts and ideas, and I feel her encouragement and her desire for a better world. I definitely feel a sense of home in this woman.

Lilly is as cute as a button- she's easy going and funny and precocious, and is as snuggly a kid as you'll ever meet. She's always saying "I wuv you Mama Grace" and kissing me and generally making me melt into a pile of goo. I love this kid.

Vera's pictures have been very intriguing lately. I love kid art, and I'm looking forward to more of it during these cold months to come.

Cauliflower (plus leaves) in the freezer. Food storage is winding down.

I love eggs benedict. This night I had a craving- I made sweet potato and corn pancakes and topped it all with tomato slices, smoked salmon, a poached egg, and hollandaise. On the side was roasted cauliflower, squash, and swiss chard. Holy moly. I've been eating well lately.

Vera's cousin Tuula got her hair cut last week, and so Vera wanted hers to get a snip as well. Here's a before:


Half the time I'm calling this little bug "Danger Boy". It's a well-deserved nickname. 

I already miss tomatoes even though I have a few ripe ones left on my windowsills.

Lacto-fermenting. Parsnips, sauerkraut, corn relish.

I only have one more batch of tomatoes to can and then I'm done with them until next year. Bittersweet!

I am working to really appreciate my kitchen when it's actually clean. It's such a rare occurance these days.

I was feeling so frustrated by all of the half-eaten apples strewn throughout the house (kids!), only to realize that it's the perfect excuse for making apple crisp for dessert. It's all about perspective.

I'm really not used to it getting dark so early, but lighting candles at night really makes it feel better. So warm and cozy. The smell of beeswax is unlike anything else. I love it.

Here's Lilly and Vera playing at the park.

B and Asa… stylin' as usual.

The greenhouse is coming along. We're too late for anything this fall, but it'll be all ready for spring.

Autumn crafts. 

Speaking of old friends- Katy came over and crafted with us. We realized that we've been friends for 12(!) years. 


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