A quick one…

I’m going to Columbus this weekend to visit 

 with Gretchen and Tuula. It will be a baby spectacular! I’ll miss Jeff, but it’ll be nice to take a trip. It’s funny having to pack for a cloth diapered baby for the first time. I’m sure you can imagine. All of my things fit neatly into a backpack- but she’s got a huge bag filled with diapers and covers and wetbags etc etc. I was laughing about it though, cuz it’s kind of like I have to pack her a toilet for the weekend. Anyway. We have decided to use cloth wipes too. I think initially we just thought it would be easier to use disposable, but the cloth wipes would just get tossed in the bin with the diapers and washed along side them. Easy. Really, cloth diapers are not much work at all, and they are way cuter, and they save you loads of money in the long run. What could be bad? So I’m gonna use a gift card I have for a fabric store around here to get some microfiber fabric and I’ll just make a ton of wipes next week.

Yesterday Jeff and I had a “Grace’s and Jeff’s Day of Fun!” It was great. We went to Target 🙁 because we had many gift cards for there and had made a list of things that must be bought new. We got all the ziploc bags we’ll need for food storage this fall, little squirt bottles for the cloth wipes I’ll make, ya know, stuff like that. By the end of it, which was really only like an hour, I felt lightheaded and gross. I hate department stores. At first I like to look, but it wears on me. I wonder if it’s just me, or if everyone would feel that way if they spent enough time away. I’m thinking it’s the latter. It’s head-spinning, really. But, after that it was a great time. We made real tacos- ya know, soft corn tortillas, carne asada, lime, onion, cilantro. Mmmm. Soooo good. Then we watched Borne Identity which I had never seen. Good flick!

April 29th:
Jeff got this mini fridge from his parents- it’s really old and just the right size to fit his keg for all his homebrewing. It’s not like the keg you would see at a party… it’s like this. Anyway, so now he has it all hooked up and carbonated and cold in the closet. It’s kinda cool.
Oh yeah, but when we were moving it in the house we decided to put the dog on top of it. I don’t know why. She didn’t know why either, and promptly jumped off.

April 30th:
I love that he can hold her whole head in his hand.

May 1st:
Happy May Day! I took another photo of the view from my bedroom window. Much greener!

May 2nd:
This is her “Mama, please pick me up!” face.

Bonus Vera pics:

I like to play with her hair after a bath.

I don’t think I could possibly love her more.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. nashifeet

    the head spinning. i get that too, and so does my friend brittany. we were talking about it the other day, only about the mall because she was looking for work shirts and went to the mall and called me all spazzed out. it made sense, once someone else actually brought it up. we called it the mall zombie thing. target is REALLY hard for me, because its like sustainability’s worst enemy. i go in there, and i have to look at EVERYTHING and i want it all. i could spend hours in there. i went the other day, and i got only what i needed, but it still took me a while to sort it out in my head. i used to buy stuff there and then return it all, quite often actually, because id get home and id be like, wtf was i thinking??

    here are grace’s spikey hair pictures from after bath time:

    1. Gracie (Post author)

      Haha. Our babies are great.

      Yeah man, those places are crazy. I’m glad that will probably be the only time I go there for another year. I like, actually felt ill at the end of it all. I’m glad that you come to your senses at the end! haha. Good thing they take returns.

      1. nashifeet

        yesterday i went there in my pjs cuz i went straight from a 6am work meeting and i think they thought i was stealing, because 3 or 4 workers followed me around the store asking repeatedly if i needed help. i was holding baby crackers and breastmilk bags and i was looking for magnets, which they didnt have, but i was ready to start yelling at them if they didnt stop.

  2. pearlstreetdiva

    i cant wait for your arrival!!!

    We decided to use cloth wipes too! they are so much easier and less stank from the trashcan filling up with poopy wipes! and i just cut up old towels, that i should hem along the edges to stop the unraveling. OHH OHH AND…..i can clean a poop with one cloth wipe verses 4 disposable wipes!!!

    and i laughed my sore abs into pity when you said you are packing her toilet! MMUUAAAHHHHHH!!!!! Definitely the largest bag to bring when I travel with eli too. we did disposables for our san fran trip and im sure you can understand why!

    1. Gracie (Post author)

      Cool! I’ll look at yours when I get there. It’s funny cuz cloth is really really easy- and new moms are doing lots of laundry anyway, what’s an extra load every two days? I think women are misinformed about the amount of “work” it is. I bet if we translated the amount of work hours that it takes to buy disposable diapers then it’s substantially less. That’s awesome about the one wipe vs. 4. Go CLOTH!

      I can’t wait to see ya! I’m all ready, just waiting for G bop.

      1. pearlstreetdiva

        doing laundry would take a lot of time if we were using our hands to scrub the clothes….the washer and dryer do them for us! I don’t understand why anyone would complain…..

        admittedly though i am a low maintenance, relaxed laundry person. i dont care about dingy. i dont care about stains. and if i wasnt doing two peoples laundry i wouldnt even separate colors. i dont separate eli’s he just gets one load every two weeks. isiah probably wishes i was more detailed with my handling but when he does the laundry he can do that!

  3. david_anderson

    My mom just cut cloth diapers into 4 pieces to use as wipes, but microfiber will probably be easier on the skin.

    I have to mentally prepare myself whenever I go into just about any sort of store. Sometimes the small ones can be worse than the big ones, depending on the store and the time. I hate going to Costco on a saturday, but on a weekday before lunch it’s a treat as there are no crowds. On the other hand, some of the most clueless shoppers are in health food stores, the co-op, Trader Joes, Whole Paycheck, so it only take a few of them to drive me mad.

    1. Gracie (Post author)

      Haha, I know just what you mean. I’m glad that other people can relate to this. I’m just not built for it anymore. I don’t think I ever was.

      I thought about that, but I’ve heard that microfiber is softer and way absorbent- so I’d need to use fewer. I dunno. I think I might have some of each.

  4. purerandomness

    Yay! Have fun in Columbus– hope it isn’t too rainy for you!

    I love how green your backyard is getting. I need to find my camera cord so I can take pictures of the lovely flowering tree that I thought was dead last autumn.

    re: Target– I totally understand. I think it’s something like sensory overload, too many things to look at and you can get all stressed out. Also, the Target in Hartland has a funny smell to it, so if you’re sensitive to things like that it may give you a headache.
    I have to go to Target tonight to pick up some things. I’m going to a baby shower tomorrow (squee!) and I have to get some suitable wrapping paper, and a kit to fix our toilet. Random.

    PS- Vera is so adorable, especially in the ‘please pick me up!’ photo! ;-D

  5. pithy_epigrams

    Have a great time!

    I noticed that when I’m in large department stores I get headaches. I think it’s because of all the fake smells.

  6. Anonymous

    have a wonderful trip! love her crazy hair!

  7. stupidfool

    oh my god, she has so much hair! so precious!! (i just saw my friend jenny’s baby and he has practically no hair, still, so maybe she’s not extreme, and he is…)

    so just because i’m curious, how do the cloth diapers work? do you scrape out the poo first, or do you just throw them straight off her bum into the washer? and it really gets everything out without scrubbing or anything? and doesn’t leave dirtiness in the washer?

    1. Gracie (Post author)

      No, I think that many babies have less hair than she does. Everyone says that about her… “Look at that hair!!” haha

      Well, it’ll be different when she’s eating solids, but for right now I just throw it in what they call a “dry bin” which is a bin with a lid that has a waterproof liner in it. Since she’s just eating breast milk, her poop is like yogurt kinda, and it just dissolves in the washer- so I wash them every 3 days- first a presoak, then a hot wash, then a warm rinse. It doesn’t leave anything in the washer, although I don’t wash anything else with the diapers. They sometimes stain, so sometimes people like to rinse them first, but that would be so much extra work and that’ll come out in the sun when I line dry them this summer. I mean, stains on a diaper just don’t bother me.
      When she gets older her poop will be different, and I’ll scrape that out into the toilet first. Interesting fact though- on disposables the directions tell you to put the poop in the toilet first, it’s illegal to put feces in the trash. You’d never know it though because NO ONE does that.


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