A quick list.

It’s been almost two months since I wrote here, which I think might be a record since I started writing in this way to begin with- back when I was 14 and filled paper journals late at night. I have felt the absence of this space, although I can say with confidence that it has been left in favor of lots of new and important developments- days filled with ideas and work and balancing kids and play… it’s good, and I’ve needed the space. I am a person who really needs this outlet, however, and I also have neglected to report so many things. I want to record these thoughts and these days, if only to come back and find it years later to see how far we’ve come.


I almost never craft what it is I plan to write about. I just go in and let it flow and that’s that. The process always gets a bit creaky, though, when I’ve let the habit slide and I’ve got too many things knocking around in there. Too much noise and then I quit until it gets too loud to ignore. So I’ve decided to make a quick list of things I’ll revisit here in the next few weeks. I won’t be able to wriggle my way out if I put it out there.

-Business expansion, hydroponic system, etc.

-My praying mantis friends: Farm philosophy, Part 1.

-Being willing: Farm philosophy, Part 2.

-Vera turning 7.


-House/Construction/Land update

-Food posts


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