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A new weakness…

I just discovered something! I just caught myself resenting someone for something they didn’t do. I told this person something very personal a few days ago, and since then I have looked at them like a stranger. How weird!?! Anyways, I think that it’s because I haven’t totally coped with the issue that I shared. I think I might feel a little embarrassed. I dunno. It’s not fair of me to resent this person for my shit.
Other than that, my aunt has a tumor the size of a lemon in her abdomen. I don’t really know how I feel about that. I love her. That’s all I can do. And pray.
Work is good. But slow today. I’m having trouble focusing on anything because I’ve been working in Excel all friggin day! ARRRGH.
Well, On a bright note: It’s my mom’s birthday tomorrow and tonight we celebrate! I love her so much, my darling momma! I bought her a Leo Kottke CD and some silver/turquoise hummingbird earrings hand made by the Navajo on the reservations. All of the proceeds go to them. Way cool. I totally outdid myself on this one:)
Okay, y’all have a good day now!


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2 thoughts on “A new weakness…

  1. ay carumba!

    I will pray for your auntie. Is it one I’ve met?? Let me know any news! And of course you scored for marthie’s b-day! you and her seem to have similar tastes. Where did you get the earrings again? And remember about the art show in chelsea this saturday, if you can make it!!
    and i love you.

    1. Re: ay carumba!

      Thanks for the prayers, they will help. It’s my dad’s baby sister, I’m not sure if you’ve met her. I got the earrings at Orchid Lane. Awesome store. Anyhoo- I love you too, and I’ll see you tomorrow night baby!

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