a gray and love filled day

I’ve had a good day today. Full of smiles and reflection. This morning was of the slow-to-rise variety, which is always nice. J went out early to run some errands so I just poked around and made some breakfast and coffee for myself. I got a little bored at one point and contemplated turning on the tv, but i decided against it- and it’s better that way. I think the tv has a tendency to “zap” whatever motivation I have.
I decided to write a letter to J for our first anniversary. It’s a good thing he was out, I made myself cry. He’s my favorite of everything, almost. I guess it’s just hit me that a year of marriage and co-habitation, let alone a few together, has left me happy and always learning. How cool is that? So many people thought we were too young… but honestly, I’m happy that I found my mate early on. I’m glad that we aren’t feeling pressured to “settle down” yet. We get to explore each other.
So my birthday is on Monday. The big 22. Woopedy doo. No, it’s cool. I took the day off work which will be nice, but I can’t justify not volunteering. Isn’t that funny? I won’t work for pay on that day, but I can’t feel good about calling off my volunteering gig.
We made scalloped potatoes for dinner, they’re making my house smell yummy from the oven.
Anyway. I guess I’ll close with a Quote-o’-the-day:
“I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality.” (MLK Jr.)


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