A gift!

Yesterday I received a package in the mail from one Ms. 

. It is seriously one of the best presents ever, in the whole world, and I will show you now in case you just don’t believe me.

SEE? I told you. It’s the best EVAAAR. It’s a little hat and booties she knitted for my baby!!! I totally love it, and was so excited to get it. So thanks so much Maddy, it was really nice of you to make that for me. I wish we weren’t oceans apart so I could thank you in person. I also really loved your note, you are just the sweetest. 🙂 Also, when I opened it Maya started violently sniffing them- I wonder if she could smell your cats! You seriously rock and I totally and completely love them. Smoooooches from all of us (me, Jeff, Maya, Walt, Dill, and ze Sprout).

Can you believe she made them? I frikkin love the little ears. It’s actually the only piece of clothing I have for baby that is not a hand-me-down, so it’s super special in that way.

In other news I am feeling great. I like just about everything, especially my sprout and my Jeff, and I have milk and cookies waiting for me for when I work on my Christmas projects. I had a day off yesterday which I’m sure contributed to my feeling of regeneration today.

Go here and listen to “Have You Heard”. Why? Just do it. And turn it up. The louder it is the better. I mean seriously do it. How cool would it be if you just did it? I think it would be… WAY cool.


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