So “poo” the dog has found another home. I don’t feel too bad about it though. We’ve decided that we will get a pup regardless, so that in addition to the fact that I didn’t meet him makes it OK in my book.
Christmas was fun. Tiring, but fun. I got to work today and my boss had placed a pedicure kit on my desk with a card that she made. She’s so great. I’m not really one for home pedicures, but it all smells nice, and I’m looking forward to the salts that you can put in warm water.
I’m working out the changes that I’d like to make for the new year in my head. I have been full of these fleeting moments of realization lately, and I think i will be posting a list of these soon.
I went out to coffee yesterday with a friend of mine. She is usually someone that takes a lot of energy to be with, so I tend to space out our visits accordingly. However, last night something was different. It started out the same as it always does, but as the night went on we talked about really personal and amazing things. It was like the dam broke, and all of my trust and admiration for this girl came flooding. It felt like we silently decided to skip the small talk and treat each other better than that. We reminisced about all of our history together. The good and the bad. We affirmed each other’s plans for the future, all of our troubles, our worries, our enthusiasm… It was amazing. We left after 4 hours, vibrating from the caffiene. It took her like 5 minutes to sign the stupid reciept. I hope that I can do more of that with other people I love. It felt so refreshing.
I have been re-evaluating my thoughts on a particular person. I don’t really like where I feel it going, but I think it’s necessary. More on this later, when my head is less of a tornado and my thoughts are consistent.


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