Water kefir. I wasn't really sure what I was doing with this at first. The culture didn't seem to grow, and the finished product was okay… but it wasn't very carbonated and smelled a bit like feet. Lately? Oh my. It's soooo good. It still has an interesting smell, but I'm used to it and now the culture is kicking. It multiplies quickly now and the resulting kefir is delicious and mildly sweet with some serious carbonation. Like, you have to be careful opening the bottle. I love it! And I'm now able to share the culture since it's multiplying.  

This is the way things are around here lately. Lots of plants and trays and soil everywhere.

With lots getting done outside, there is less getting done inside. Thank goodness for laundry baskets- without them I fear we'd be living in a sea of mess. It's improving day by day, and as my life becomes more and more enmeshed with the work I want, I am finding some balance. I'm getting rid of more things- finding a bit more simplicity when it comes to "stuff". Amazing how much time is spent on managing all of the things. It's a process, but I'm seeing improvement and more simplicity where it's needed. 

The land. It's this place of enchantment. We walk into the woods and there's just a wave of freshness that hits us. The other day Jeff and I had a little date out there and we found ourselves in the middle of a whole bunch of butterflies. They fluttered all around and landed on us… magical!

I spend time at my house and think of how I'll be sorry to leave, but then I go to the land and all of that melts away. I am so excited to be in this space. The trees, the air, the way it smells. It's so amazing, and something I think we all should be living in. We are supposed to part of a vibrant living ecosystem. It feels right and healing, even just to be there for an hour. And yet, we spend our days in largely toxic environments that are scarcely reminiscent of what we once knew. This needs to change.

Vera wanted me to take a picture of this arch. There's lots of black raspberries everywhere.

It's so peaceful there, with the exception of these dirt bikers that cut through the property to get to a track. They almost ran over the kids on this day. I screamed my head off to stop them and managed to get the kids out of the way. They proceeded to ignore me and whiz around a block that we put up. We think it might take a bit of work to get them to stop doing it. I want to just go approach them and explain that this is going to be our home and we don't want to have to worry about our animals or kids. I hope appealing to their good nature will do the trick. Blocks and signs have done no good- they just tear them down.

This is a block we put up that they go around. So for now I just have to stick close to the kids and keep my ears open for the sound of their bikes. Otherwise, everything is going really well out there. Driveways and trails are being cut. We're all having a really good time. πŸ™‚


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