It’s hard to stay patient sometimes. The past two days have been fine, but I basically haven’t been able to do anything because Asa has been so high-needs. On average he’s fine, but I think he’s in a growth spurt or something and is just nurse, sleep for 10 minutes, fuss, nurse, bounce, change, nurse, fuss, sleep for 10 minutes, etc. Thankfully Jeff is home for the weekend, so I can get a little help, but it’s hard sometimes! This morning I just was trying to put together some crock pot tapioca pudding for my dad’s birthday tonight. That’s it, just mix the stuff in the crock pot and go. But I couldn’t even do it. I had him in the sling and he was going nuts! So I laid him down and let him wail, finished it up, and we went for a walk. When in doubt- get out.

It helped. Cool and breezy, with little touches of fall around the edges. My sister said it best recently: "Go to the Earth for answers, for comfort, for inspiration and rest." It always gives me those things. It gives me space to clear my head, leaving the mess at home. 

This is the land across the street from us that we’d love to buy. It doesn’t include the white shed, but does include the little brown building. It goes quite a ways back, although this picture doesn’t really show it well. Anyway, I don’t think it’s quite an acre, but probably close. So much we could do with it!

Anyway. I’m growing. I anticipate many many walks of surrender in the days to come.


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