My days have been full and happy. Something is telling me to slow down a bit so that my brain can work again, but I’m not sure if it’s possible. This may be that "pregnancy brain" everyone talks about, but lately it’s hard for me to organize my head-space- even when I have lots of time to think. I’m just riding it out, and I think a good rule will be to just "do the next thing" rather than try to have a plan like I normally do. I suppose part of it is that we’ve got a lot of change going on, and it takes a toll in some ways. We’ve got this enormous garden project, the greenhouse, the chickens, the toddler (working on potty training and transitioning into her own room… we’ll see!), the new baby, my new pregnant body (changing all over again!), doula work, and on and on. Lots to process. Even when I have a mostly free day like today, I end up feeling kind of stuck and blank. I think it may be a sign to slow down, at least mentally. Thankfully Jeff and I compliment each other well and he’s so motivated right now. After spending the entire day with both sides of the family he still wanted to come home and work on more garden prep. Silly. It’s times like these that I think again on that saying- "Chop wood, carry water." Keep it simple. Do the next thing. The rest will follow.

Yesterday was a really nice welcome to spring. The weather was perfect, and we got to see so many of the people we love most. Jeff and I made 3 kinds of quiche for brunch with his side of the family. We all sat outside and ate, and I actually got a little sunburned. So nice to be in the sun again! Then we went to my parent’s for dinner. 

This is Tuula with the fairy house that my sister and I made under a tree in my parent’s backyard. She and Vera gathered flowers and acorn shells and stones to give to the fairies. It was really fun. I think I might start making them all over the place. It was therapeutic- sitting on the ground with my sister and our little girls, focused on fairies and springtime and creativity. Love.

Gretchen and Tuula.


My mom made this really amazing tiramisu with raspberries and I don’t know what. It wasn’t like any I’d had before, but I’m guessing we’ll be seeing it again- it was a hit.

My dad and Vera. 

Vera and I at the end of the day… she’s getting her two-year molars (all at once, poor thing!) and is just wiped out with on and off fevers. It’s taking its toll on me, too, to be honest. I’m less patient with the incessant whining and begging and needing to be held and… ugh. Looking at this picture makes me feel a little more peaceful, though. The days that are crazy and I feel totally touched-out are also the days where I’m needed the most and am challenged to find my strength in places I haven’t traveled yet. I can feel myself growing. And there’s my beautiful girl, with her big emotions and intense experience of this world, needing her mama. I am privileged to be her rock and comfort, even when it’s hard for me- I know these days are short and will be gone soon enough. 

Quote of the day:
"Motherhood has a very humanizing effect. Everything gets reduced to essentials."  ~Meryl Streep


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