5 years!




5 years ago, I stood up in front of my community and vowed to love and stand by my best friend in the whole world. Today, I look around at my life and I feel so grateful. Everything is so full and rich I feel like bursting. I look back at that day and think about how young we were, how quickly things change and grow. I think about how young we still are and how much we have left to do.

I think about the amazing miracle of our two children, and the joining of our hearts in this new family of ours. I think about how sweet this time in our lives is- how precious it is. I just know when we’re old we’ll look back and reminisce about so much- the garden, working on this house, the smell of our babies, so sweet and new… just all of our firsts. I’m having so much fun.

That day, 5 years ago, I only really knew so much. Now, I still don’t know much, but I know that you’re my family. There’s no one that I’m safer with, there’s no one who knows me better. You’re the person that I can be truly unmasked with- holding me fast, even when I’m at my worst. You help me to love myself more, to value my life more, to work harder to be who I was meant to be.

And I love who you are. I love how good and kind you are. I love how dedicated you are to us, and how proud we make you. I love how smart and creative and hard-working you are, how deserving you are of good things. I love how much you love your daughter, and I love that she knows it and feels safe with you. I look forward to seeing you with little Asa as he grows, too. 

I love how patient you can be- especially when my patience is gone. I love how funny you are, and how you can get me to laugh at the worst jokes. I love how much fun we have. I love the way we feel together late at night, warm and content, talking and then saying goodnight over and over. You just make me smile.

I love that we share a purpose, not only in our family life but as people in the world. I love that we’re a team, and I am only gaining gratitude for what that means in light of the challenges we face- in our relationship, in raising these kids, in the world… I’m so happy to call you my partner. 


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