27 trips around the sun…

Here I am, 27 years old. I feel overwhelmed with gratitude for my life. I struggle now to find words for it all. I feel happy, healthy, strong, and full of love. I have a great partner, two beautiful children, a wonderful family, and a growing community of incredible friends. I feel like the work that I do is fun and important. I am learning and growing daily. I am blessed and nourished in so many ways. 

Yesterday I woke up at 9:30- Jeff let me sleep in! I scurried off to my yoga class, which normally takes place in a classroom, but this time our instructor took us down to the park by the river. An hour of breezy challenging yoga by the water… so perfect! 

I came home to these perfect slices of tomatoes that Jeff saved for me (we're just starting to really process tomatoes). It pleases me to no end that Jeff has gained an eye for these things- a genuine appreciation for the beauty all around us, especially for the gifts we receive from our garden. Anyway, this beauty is a lucious heirloom called "Orange Strawberry", and it's amazing.

My birthday breakfast. 3 cheese herb omelette (fresh mozzarella, raw cheddar, smoked gouda with tarragon, parsley, thyme, lovage, and chives), a slice of tomato, sourdough toast (from our local bakery) with cream cheese and pepper jelly (made by my dear friend Bree who gave me a jar as a present! So delicious!). 

We took a long walk, picked up snacks at the co-op, and headed down to one of my favorite spots, the graveyard in the back of our neighborhood. This graveyard is so beautiful. It looks so ordinary from the front, but when you walk a little deeper in, it opens up into this gorgeous place that is hilly and green and full of old trees and history. This tree is especially nice.

We spent a luxurious 4 hours there, just relaxing and snacking. It's so nice to have a spot so big where the kids can run free.

My little boy just started walking. Just a few steps here and there. It started the day before yesterday… an early birthday present? Yes. I think so. He's so sweet. I can't get over how quickly he's growing, and how happy it makes me to see him start to become his own person in this little family of ours.

My sisters and the kids came out to play for a while.

The girls played in a fairy land for a while.

My love.

Little sister.

Big sister, and sweet Max. He hurt his knee.

I love that kid!

Each year I am more and more pleased with the presents I get. Now I'm serious when I say I would be more than happy without a single present. All I need is good food and the people I love. But for real, these presents are awesome. I'm always so amazed by how well people know me and it's just… fun. I love my people, and my people love me!!! So, here they are: 

G (big sister) got me these adorable ceramic egg holders. They each hold 9 eggs, and I've got four colors to choose from. I am totally smitten! I love love love them!

So sweet, aren't they?

Jeff, love of my life, made me this bottle tree. I've been really interested in them for a while. Despite his previous assertion that they were "tacky", he went ahead and made me one anyway! Soon this will be covered with colorful bottles and ornaments, and I'm excited to have a ritual with the kids where we decorate it with the seasons. YAY!

We went out for dinner with my parents after the graveyard, and my mom gave me this gorgeous embrodiered piece that she's making for me- it's beautiful, and I can't wait to show it off as soon as it's finished. They also gave me this awesome iron bank/music box, which has been hours of fun for Vera already today. You put the coin on her plate and then she drops it in. The chickens bob their heads. I love it.

They also gave me a "hoe-dag", which I'm really excited to try in the garden today.

My friend who gave me the pepper jelly also gave me these cool "walking onions", a rose of sharon, and a full body massage (oh yes!)… I am a lucky girl.

My mother in law gave me this great lawn ornament that she just happened to see at an antique store. She said it reminded her of me, and so she just went for it. This meant a lot to me, not only because it's awesome and I totally love it, but also because that's not usually her style of present buying… It was just really nice.

I am a happy girl today. I'm glad I was born. I plan to spend the rest of my day cleaning up this pit of a house and doing some planting and preserving. Tonight there will come another post- I have lots of catching up to do! 

P.S. I'm entertaining the idea of moving my blog elsewhere. LJ hasn't been as cooperative lately, and I've been less motivated to sit down and deal with it. What do you all think of this? Would you follow me somewhere else? I would of course keep my profile here and still try to read my friend's list (although I've been really preoccupied lately and owe you all a good deal of catch up!). Anyway, just a thought. 


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