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Updating now…

Today was nice. I was in a sour mood earlier, but that’s always remedied by a little dog-wrestling and a nice talk over coffee.
Jeff is super cute lately. He’s brewing beer, and he just bottled the first batch. 14 days to go and then we can have people over for some home brew. It’s cool. I’m always happy when either of us finds a project that can help us feel creative and productive. So ya. Come over and have a brew!
I got a dollar raise at work. That’s pretty sweet. I’m excited about having more responsibility, and I really like the new guy I’m working with. He’s earthy and fun. My boss and I have recently had some misunderstandings, but I’m feeling like they were just growing pains and we are stronger now. It’s just good to feel refreshed about my job. It had been kinda stressful as of late. Just the “where am I going?” and “what does this job do for my spirit and quality of life?” questions. But I think many of the important lessons are learned after you stick with things even though you don’t understand why.
I’ve been listening to lots of new music lately. My tastes are expanding.
I’m very open to recommendation.
Things I’m going to do tomorrow:
-Weeding, planting flowers
-organize my stupid closet and do laundry
-whatever the hell I wanna do, after all that of course.


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2 thoughts on “Updating now…

  1. sinful auditions, take 1

    I like sour. It’s the best. Better than sweet at least.
    I don’t recall you mentioning liking the ‘new guy’ when I was the ‘new guy’ at work. Ha. I see how it is. Well, that’ll make you think twice before telling someone you know about a job opening at your work, huh?

    Lunch was nice the other day. Thanks fer joinin me. I hate eating alone. Most of the time I’d just rather not eat.

    See you later today maybe? Lookin forward to it.

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