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Forgive me…

But this will be a WHOPPER of a post.

Here goes…

June 15th:
Traveling up to the Leelanau penninsula. Jeff REFUSED to take the car-top carrier and so the car was ridiculously packed. Maya looks worse than she actually was, I promise.

June 16th:
The wedding was lovely. I loved watching these little boys run around in their little suits. Mini gentlemen.

June 17th:
Our first night at the campsite. It was pretty quiet at these grounds, and we were the only ones on our loop. Very peaceful. But almost too peaceful.

June 18th:

Our first night I packed up all the dry food in our picnic basket, and weighted it down with a bunch of crap. Then late at night we hear grunting and rustling through the food until everything topples over with a big crash.

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World peace. right on.

May 20th:

When I got my hair done like Marie Antoinette, Becky put feathers and flowers and fake birds in my hair. She let me take the birds home 🙂 I love kitsch.

May 21st:
I think Dill may be sick. Jeff’s gonna take him to the vet tomorrow while I’m at work. He sneezes constantly and has a funny wheezy noise in his chest. Oh, and his nose is drippy. Poor guy. We have been extra lovey to him lately. Walt, on the other hand, is doing great. He eats way more than Dill and so is about 25% bigger I’d say. Hearty Walt. Hopefully we can get Dill the help he needs and he’ll get his appetite back…

May 22nd:
This was going to be a photo of my dear new neice Tuula, but my camera is being funny and wouldn’t let me do what I wanted with them.

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