Ooh baby I love your way

All the things I was going to say are now at the back of my head. I am just too tired to deal with it. Ah well. That’s the way it goes.
Jeff and I had a lil disagreement last night, and so we talked it out today after work and I feel much better about it all. I’m glad that even though we don’t see eye to eye on some stuff we can still come to a good place about it, and stay respectful and solution oriented. It sure does take some practice though.
Anyway, he made me a beautiful dinner with candles and everything. Then I went out with my brother and his adorable girlfriend to Sidetrack and had some fried pickles (yum!).
One of Jeff’s bandmate’s just showed me this:
I guess they’re saying some kind of tongue twister and if they mess up… well you’ll see.
I apologize to anyone who doesn’t find that fascinating. I’m always up for more insight about the human race. Although, I’m not sure what I learned from that…


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  1. kazzibee

    Good for you! Working stuff out doesn’t always mean agreeing. (Kazzi said, once again stating the obvious… one of her great talents!).

    And yaaay for a candley dinner. 😀


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