May flowers anyone?

So yes. Spring is here for sure. Too bad all the flowers that came out in APRIL are getting all beaten up by the rain that is coming down in MAY. hmm… They lie to us. They all lie. Whatever though, I like the rain. I spent the afternoon with Katy drinking tea on my front porch and watching Maya get caked with mud. Fun.
Tonight I’m making dinner with Jeff and then he’s got band practice. But I am going to see ‘Thank you for Smoking’ again with Rose, Katy, and Harlowe. That should be fun. It’s nice when friends from the different ends of the spectrum all come together.
So quitting has been a trip. I have successfully reduced my cravings to almost nil, so that’s been cool. But I still had a cig today. It’s sort of reassuring that when I do have one it’s nasty and helps me to remember why I wanted to quit. Tomorrow I go back to work, and that should be a breeze. I don’t think I’ll have any cigarettes tomorrow, and that’s exciting to me. I’m trying to stay focused. It’s only day 4, and 6 cigs since Saturday isn’t bad at all.
Woohoo! *raises glass* To a future of clean lungs and healthy, unaddictive habits that further my spiritual and personal growth!

if only… that comes next.


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  1. lilpeace

    You can do it!

    I ran around the block twice yesterday, and only felt like dying for like, 2 minutes. I figure I’ll do two blocks until it’s not difficult anymore, then ‘kick it up a notch.’ Later in the day I felt on top of the world, had more energy, etc. and today I have a nice mild burn in about every muscle in my butt and legs. WOOT!

    We can do it! We can do it!

  2. unicorntapestry

    *returns toast to a healthy future*

    And now we have Silly Socks with Grace, the part of the show where Grace wears silly socks. By the way, I like your icon.

  3. see_anotherside

    Well done for quitting! 😀

  4. ifoughtpirahna

    gosh i hated michigan’s weather… it’s wacko.


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