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Dark, juicy, healing abundance.

Last night Vera had gathered these things from a friend's garden, including a dozen or so unidentified seeds that she found on the ground. She put them in a cup and declared them to be for her fairy garden. This morning she got to work, spreading compost out in a carefully planned spot and planting the seeds, then laying out her stones and sticks and leaves. She watered it well and checked on it several times throughout the day. My girl makes me smile. Before bed tonight she asked me if she'd done a good job with it and if I thought the seeds would grow. I told her I hoped they would, but that in growing things we have to just do what we can and then let nature do what it needs to.… Continue Reading...

WFP: Foraging fun

Wednesday food post! It's been so long!

Spring eating is here and I'm loving every minute of it. There was a point in the middle of winter where I was a little souped-out and we were buying citrus fruit just to make up the difference. We still ate well, but I so clearly craved FRESH. Here we are! These morels were gifted to us from some friends, and Jeff and I found another 10 or so just bopping around the woods the other day. I think we may try again just to see if there are any more, but I count this year as a success.

They weren't really enough to store, but they were enough to make a nice meal out of. We chose to sautee them up with some button mushrooms in butter, garlic, leeks, ramps, and a little salt and pepper.… Continue Reading...